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About Us

The expert care for you and your family is provided in superb surroundings to enhance the effects of the treatment. Treatment is aimed at transforming your health and well-being physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually as is necessary using a variety of techniques and always in a caring way. Osteopathy, cranio-sacral osteopathy, pain relief, sciatica, colic, paediatrics, pregnancy, massage, headaches, migraines, Hopi ear candling, healing, reiki, nutritional advice, lifestyle changes, asthma, whiplash, injuries, low back pain, neck pain, osteoarthritis, scoliosis, sports injuries, PMT, stress

The Scope of Osteopathy personal thoughts

One of the primary functions of an osteopath is to promote health, in part mainly by focussing on the framework of the body, but not only. The profession is now over 100 years old is perhaps best known for its biomechanical approaches to health care - treating tennis elbow, bad backs, sciatica, stiff necks, whiplash injuries etc but originally these were seen to be of only relative importance to the true scope of Osteopathy. It is a whole and complete system of healthcare.
For those of you who are my patients, you will probably know that the range of scope of treatments and problems that I regularly treat go well beyond the simple bio-mechanical challenges of life. I am just as interested in the internal workings, dietary input, lifestyle, psychological attitude, working posture / requirements of each individual as I am in the traditional "joint out of place, so I'll just fix it" attitude of many. (Although I can do this too!) I like to think that I am WHOLISTIC in my approach to YOUR healthcare as much as possible. That is one of the primary reasons why you get such good results.

One of the biggest challenges to understanding osteopathy is the huge changes that can take place, with seemingly simple movements and treatment, even without other factors eg diet being altered. But therein lies the art and skill of the individual Osteopath, and often whilst they are talking about something totally different! Osteopathic hands are marvellous! for more on Osteopathy see the website There are many other examples of where osteopathy can be of huge value.

Here is a brief list of some of the other "conditions" that I have helped in the past that may surprise you (although of course I treat humans, not conditions!) : asthma, impotence, chronic heart disease, epilepsy, infertility and inability to conceive (I have now helped to create about 15 babies!), IBS, hiatus hernias, migraines, eye squints, acute kidney infections etc
So, I have a request - if YOU know someone who is struggling with any of these and wants an unbiased second opinion, other than the drug-related answer from your GP, or would like to actively start to take control of this for yourself, PLEASE ask them to give me a call, in confidence, for free to discuss whether Osteopathy may be able to never know - it may transform someone's life - which is what my life is all about.
One of my specialities is in treating babies and children I love changing their outlooks so early on in life and thereby changing their health for the rest of their lives!
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YOUR health IS my priority.
All the best,
Gayle Palmer

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Your health is MY priority. Location, easy access and parking, quiet, friendly locations,


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Awful experience

Regrettably I am having to leave a negative review after a horrendous experience when I visited Gayle with my baby. My baby got very upset when I handed her over and sobbed uncontrollably getting more and more worked up, I asked for a second to settle her to be dismissed and for Gayle to tell her to shut up! She then continued to tell my 9 month old to shut up on a number of occasions even after I politely asked her to stop. Eventually Gayle allowed me to settle her but only after I expressed how uncomfortable I felt. She didn't explain anything she was doing and when I asked what was happening I found her to be rude and dismissive. Gayle was incredibly unprofessional and I felt extremely uncomfortable with the whole situation. I was very upset after the appointment & my husband telephoned Gayle to discuss how unhappy we were with the way we were treated but she told him that at no point was she aware that the baby was upset as there was no red face or tears which was an out and out l

Emily Penny - 30/04/2021

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